Mates On Stage

Since 2012, Audiofly’s band of music lovers has been designing and delivering headphones for musicians that never miss a beat.

As a testament to this music-inspired mission, we’ve created our Mates On Stage program with a range of support packages to help those in the music industry who are as passionate about Audiofly products as we are! Our packages include complimentary cutting-edge in-ear monitors, bonus discounts and additional marketing support to assist artists on their music journey.

We welcome all individuals and bands from all genres to get on the band-wagon. Some of our previous and current Mates on Stage artists include Katy Steele, Drapht, Tired Lion, Rubble Bucket, Slumberjack, Sydnee Carter, Hands like Houses and drum magician, Will Calhoun, from Living Colour.

We have a number of tiered packages available to suit a range of artists and we encourage you to make a submission by filling out the form below:

(Please put in the details of the best person to contact)

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