AUDIOFLY is proudly based in the city of Perth, Western Australia.

Everything from product design and marketing to sales and support, is handled by our team at the Head Office and Showroom on King Street in the Perth CBD.

Feel free to stop by, if you’re in the area.
Yes, our Clear Talk™ cable is compatible with Apple and other smart devices as standard. The instructions for use of the Clear Talk TM control are included in the packaging.
Sometimes its a simply a new sensation to have something in your ear canal but it shouldn't be uncomfortable. If you are having issues getting a comfortable fit with your Audiofly headphones or IEM’s we recommend that you try the full range of sizes and types of tips included with your product.
Replacement silicon tips can be purchased from our webstore, and replacement Comply tips can be purchased directly from Comply’s Webstore. Use the handy “Find Your Fit” tool to find the correct tips to fit your Audiofly products.
While the MMCX connector is a standard connection, we have made adjustments to the moulded part around the connector to minimise movement of the MMCX connector for two reasons

1) MMCX is a coaxial connector, and while it is used for headphones the rotational nature of it creates unwanted wear on the part.

2) If using this style of connector in a stage performance environment - the excess rotation becomes tiresome when a quick insertion is necessary.

For these reasons we created a "notch" in the housing around the connector, and a female impression of this notch on the cable strain relief. This serves to mate the plug with the housing to restrict rotation and therefore reduce wear on the MMCX connector and enable better use of the headphone and cable system.

The MMCX part is generic and while we don’t discourage DIY or 3rd party cables, customers should understand that modification of the cable strain relief to mate with the “notches” on the Audiofly AF160/180 bud housing will be necessary and this may void your warranty.
Our IEM’s are designed with low impedance so that they will work on a variety of devices without the need for an external amp. This means you will experience a less notable degradation of sound when switching between a high-end headphone amplifier and a consumer level device (a smartphone or portable media player, for example).


For our customers in Australia, we charge a flat rate of AU$10 for orders up to the value of AU$99. This helps to cover the costs of postage and handling. Standard delivery times are about 6 business days.
Orders with a total value over AU$100 will ship for free!

For our customers in the US or Canada, we charge a flat rate of US$15 for orders up to the value of US$299. We use a Standard Australia Post International shipping service to ensure that your order arrives safely! Standard delivery times are between 3 and 10 Business Days, Orders with a total value over US$300 ship for free!

Express shipping options are also available.
audiofly.com currently ships to addresses in Australia, the United States and Canada. Beyond this, we have a network of distributors and dealers around the world who offer shipping to other regions. If you cannot find a local reseller, please use this form to contact us and ask about shipping in your region.
Orders placed through audiofly.com will usually dispatch within 48 hours but may take longer due to larger order volumes or unexpected factors. We will always endeavour to ship your order as soon as possible and communicate any delays to you promptly.
Australian orders will ship via Australia Post eParcel® Service with tracking information. Standard delivery time is usually between 2-7 days.

Orders in USA and Canada will be shipped via Australia Post International Express. Standard delivery time is usually between 3-5 business days.

An automated email with a delivery confirmation number will be sent for all orders. Please note, in some cases, it may only update once the item has been delivered.


At Audiofly, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. We stand behind the quality of our products and will always endeavour to make things right. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact support@audiofly.com. We believe that we can work together with our customers to make every purchase a positive experience.

For hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges on In-Ear headphones. The exception to this is if the packaging is unopened and the headphones are returned within 20 days of purchase.
Refunds will be issued to the credit card or Paypal account used for purchase. We can only Authorise a return if you have contacted us prior to returning the product. Please keep in mind that credit card refunds can take up to 10 business days to post on the account once the refund has been processed.


To read more about our warranty policy please read here.
To make a warranty claim, please fill out the warranty form here. A member of the Audiofly team will contact you ASAP advising of the best address and method for returning your product.
Yes, All Audiofly products are covered by the manufacturer warranty provided they are purchased from an Authorised Reseller. In the event of a warranty issue please refer back to your place of purchase for warranty service.


If you think Audiofly products would fit perfectly into the product mix of your store, please get in touch via sales@audiofly.com.


Great! Get in touch with us at marketing@audiofly.com and we'll sort you out.


To enter pairing mode, hold down the middle control button for 8 seconds, or until the blue LED next to the charging port flashes two times.

Then open the Bluetooth® settings on your smart device and tap "AF56W" or "AF100W" to connect.
When you plug in the included Micro USB cable into your wireless headphones, the LED will light up solidly in blue (please note, it will not flash).

Once fully charged, the light will begin to flash red. Unplug your headphones and turn them on to connect to your device.
Centre Button
Press and hold for 4 seconds to turn the unit on/off
Press and hold for 8 seconds to enter pairing mode
Press once to play or pause music
Press once to answer/end a phone call
Press and hold for 4 seconds to reject a call
+/Plus Button
Press once to increase volume
Press and hold for 4 seconds to skip to the next song
-/Minus Button
Press once to increase volume
Press and hold for 4 seconds to skip to the previous song

Yes, all of our wireless Bluetooth® headphones support Multipoint.

Multipoint is a Bluetooth® technology that allows your Bluetooth® headset to be connected to two Bluetooth® devices at the same time.

When a call comes in, the Bluetooth® headset knows which device is ringing and will connect to the right one automatically.

To use this feature, you must pair with each device you intend to use separately with the pairing instructions above.

Then connect to your first device as normal. Then connect to your second device.

Now you will be able to use both devices.

For example, while listening to music wirelessly on your laptop or tablet, a phone call will automatically be transferred to the same headphones when it rings.



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