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  • "Their product exuberantly displays the passion that they have for music and for quality headphones."
    -Bobby Zhang, (Gadgetmac)
  • "...A healthy dose of bass that doesn't drown out the smooth and crisp highs and subtle mids, these earphones have a balance that the more recent competitors cannot compare to."
    -Bobby Zhang, (Gadgetmac)



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Packing our largest in-ear driver, the AF56 delivers uncompromising sound, pumping out astonishing clarity over the whole spectrum with a rich and detailed bottom end... all with a nostalgic smirk.

    Custom voiced 13mm driver produces a powerful bass response, blended with effortless detail in the middle and high end.
    Noise isolating in-ear design. 4 sets of Silicon ear tips mold to your ears for better isolation and better sound.
    Our high spec Audioflex™ braided cable has Kevlar® reinforced conductors, and a CORDURA™ fabric outer sheath for outstanding durability.
    Audiofly Storage Tin with plush velvet lining for roadworthy protection for your buds.
    We've split the mic from the button for better voice transmission during conversations.

1Machined anodized alloy outer housing with precision laser cut venting for acoustic optimization
2Ergonomically designed thermoplastic housing for maximum comfort
3Custom voiced 13mm dynamic driver for brilliant bass response
4Cable strain relief with right hand braille marker
5Streamlined sound port to minimize sound eddies
6High grade silicon tips for a customized fit
Driver Type13mm Dynamic Driver

Custom voiced 13mm dynamic driver for amazing detail in the upper mids and highs, with a well balanced and punchy bass.

Magnet TypeNeodymium

Audiofly headphones use a neodymium magnet for longevity; the alloy has a unique crystalline structure that has a greater resistance to being demagnetized.

Frequency Range18-20KHz

Audiofly's 13mm driver has an expanded bottom end for a rich bass response blended seamlessly with precision in the mid and upper frequencies.

Cable Length1.2m

Our Audioflex braided cable has a CORDURA® brand Nylon outer sheath for superior strength and amazing durability.

Plug Type3.5mm gold plated

We use gold plated plugs not because they look good, but because gold is the best conductor with the greatest resistance to corrosion giving you better sound transmission that is durable.

Impedance16 Ohms

The AF56's 13mm driver has a low impedance of 16 Ohms. This is ideal for low powered devices like iPods® and iPhones® giving enough headroom so they have no trouble producing plenty of volume.

Sensitivity118dB at 1kHz

At a rating of 118dB, our drivers have a higher than average sensitivity. This means they are efficient with the power they use and don't need to be driven as hard to sound their best, making them ideal for modern portable music players.